All Is Not Lost

Yeah, it has been a bad couple of weeks in June 2016, and I can’t shake things up and memorize how many incidents occurs in the last couple of weeks.

Orlando mass shooting. Famous people died so early like Muhammad Ali, including one of my favorite singer “Christina Grimmie”. It was all messed up. Sometimes the world’s kinda messed to dealt with. We can’t deceive the reality.


I’m wondering and asking this question to myself:

How could this happen?

I know this is probably a selfish question. I know that death rate is increasing these days. A lot of people died because of pregnancy and starvation. I’m not going to deny any of that. I just wanna share my thoughts and empathy towards the people who have felt the pain of being left behind by the one who was “most dear” in your life.

I am just amazed that some people still argue whether he or she is going to heaven or not, or some catchphrase like If he or she is a son of God why did she have to died like that? Gay deserved to be treated like that.

I have to say:



Words and statements like that are not encouraging. It shows how heartless and cruel you are as a human being.

Some people are just insensitive and insensible. Rather than showing some grief and condolences, people are just bashing over which is right or wrong, like a moral police.

Our part as a human being is to show and demonstrate love to others. Love forgive others. Love thinks no evil. Prophecies fails. Knowledge will fade away, but love is not going anywhere. Love always exist and wins over all.

We have the right to be angry. We have the right to express our emotion, but let not lose our sight of what is in store for us. I know it is hard to forgive, but to end the cycle of hatred, it starts from ourselves. I choose to forgive and to move on over it.

I want to say sorry for the people who have lost their family on the Orlando incident. I feel your agony and pain. I just wish that I could give a small hug to comfort you.

We always hope for life, not death. Death was not part of God’s plan, although sometimes we can’t explain the sting of reality, His grace will always be bigger than our pain.







2 thoughts on “All Is Not Lost

  1. thechickengrandma says:

    You are so right Nathanael. Death was not part of God’s plan….fortunately for us salvation is. You are also right that we are not called to judge – we are called to love and not who we choose to love because it is easy. We are to love our neighbor and that involves all the mess that comes with relationships and living. Thank you so much for the reminder.

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