Spoiled Generation

Captain America: Civil War was the last movie I had watched, and I have to admit it was pretty damn awesome. I always intrigued how marvel can produce an action, crime, thriller movies that are always combined with enjoyable humor and mystery.

I love to watch movies although I don’t have enough cash to watch it in the cinema, but I always tried to keep in touch with the ongoing movies that are trending around.

In that moviethere are two completely different sides of ideology, and because of that, it makes them into a conflict and war.


Today in our world, we are facing differences, ideology, doctrines, and mindset about something. We are at war with our own mind.

I have seen a lot of people stressed about something in their life. Sometimes the problem is not about our expression and anger. It is about how we live our life. We are spoiled in many ways. We have being brainwashed by our mind.  We often hear that the problem is much bigger. I don’t know if some of you are telling that verbally to someone, but I don’t really want to know about it.

Life is not too hard. You are just too weak to face it.

Today, we have social media, gadgets to messing around with. If we lived 40 years ago, we wouldn’t even get in touch with the technologies that we enjoy right now.

As long as you can play with your phone, smile at someone, laugh at jokes, and think logically, it means life will not get the best of you.


Nathanael Ricardo.






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