View Of Love

Love is probably the most generalized catchphrase, quote, or statement and whatsoever. Depends on what tradition, country, and environment we are living in right now. What is love? How to define love? Is it real? If we can’t answer this, then the next few questions will probably answer your definition and realization about love.


What lenses do we use to define the word love?


The question goes deeper and deeper, like a sinking ship. Love itself has a very wide meaning, but for me love is about Jesus.

If we looked back into the historical Jesus that was recorded in the bible, Jesus loves to approach and talk to the gentiles, sinners, to the ones that had filthy clothes, to those who has sickness that no one never want to try to approach with. Jesus revolutionizes that kind of thought. The thought of inclusion, dividing of which is right and wrong. Jesus doesn’t really care about that, the sermon on the mount only last about a few hours, or day, or a week. But in His ministry, He showed love and miracles back in his day. He came to reveal that He is the true gospel. The one that His father sent to us. The picture of God is really being showed in Jesus Christ.


He sees human as a human being, who is made in His image, yet sometimes we see our neighbour with judgemental eyes. We cast our stone before we even throw it in reality. We see people based on what they’ve done, their track record, their flaws, their weaknesses, you name it.


A human value isn’t being defined on whether they’re virgin or not. Gay or not. They’re valued because they are human. If we fail to recognize these things, everything that we do to show Christ is meaningless because we are missing out the most important thing. Which is love.


Christ Himself is love. His love is unconditional.


Sometimes, we talk about unconditional love, but demand something that we have to do to repay God’s love? That’s not unconditional. Unconditional end with period. It doesn’t add repay, demand, or even trying to do something to earn it. Grace is always period. It’s all about God’s love and nothing else. Nothing you can do to earn it. Period.




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