Favorite Books That I’ve Read So Far

It seems outdated that I post something I’ve done in the past, and yet, this is 2016. The worst part is, this isn’t the beginning of the year.

I’m marching backwards, since its march (Cheesy isn’t it LOL). It seems I had lost my sense of humor in 2016.

I just love books, not intimately though.  I believe reading some books is one of the best way to sharpen our knowledge and understanding. Books that you’ve read will probably raise your creativity, skill and spiritually as well.

Books have a huge impact in boasting our capacity. We could travel without moving our feet when we’re reading. Check it out and I hope it will help you guys.




Beyond an Angry God

This is probably my favorite book so far. It’s written by Steve Mcvey. One of the grace preachers that I loved to read and listen to. I just love how Steve is able to communicate something from a different perspective, considering his theological background. this is the most thought-provoking book I’ve ever read so far, since Steve brought upon judgment, hell, and the wrath of God. Really recommend it for you!





This is might be the weirdest book, in a good way. I just love the honesty that’s coming from Craig story. Craig Groeschel really adressed the main issue that has been revolving around until today. The focuses on time, money, sex are probably the basic human desires that many people can’t control. Craig offers us to look in wisdom and biblical way to start being “Weird” on taking those aspects. This book is recommended for all who are new in Christianity and the folks who already have a long journey. Simple to read and astonishing!


Every Good Endeavor

The C.S Lewis of the 21st century. One of the most influential Church leaders in the western world. “Every Good Endeavor” is providing its reader to a new and different perspective about work. Tim Keller states that every work or job can be used to bring God’s idea about how it was supposed to happen if they do it excellently, not just from christian, but from unbelievers as well. Tim challenging us to look into a wider view on how we should see God’s plan in every work. Not just diminishing about which is better or which is not. I throughly enjoy the book, and it was worth to read.


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