5 Resolutions You Should Make And Do In 2016

The routine in christmas and new years eve that I have encountered in my life is probably food and fireworks. Waiting for 00:00 AM on 31st December, and then the fireworks suddenly popped out in the sky, it’s the alarm of new year, and all people will say:

“Happy new year!”

I used to hear that every year in my life, sometimes I laughed at it, and sometimes I don’t. I usually watched the sky above and think about what have I done and finished in the last couple of months, or even years. But it still a celebration, and I have to enjoy it!

Are you enjoying your new year celebration?

I don’t  know what’s coming, and you probably don’t as well, but I believe people have something that they want to grasp in 2016. The love of God is new every morning, and His everlasting love shall always guide our life.

5 things to do list that you should make( and do!) in 2016:

1. Realize the Love of Jesus even more within you.

I believe the first thing that you and I have to make is to realize the love of Jesus more than anything in our life. Because He is our source of life, our defender, in the perfecter of our faith. We might have fears coming on in our life. although the opposite of faith is fear, faith doesn’t get rid of the fear, it’s perfect love! It’s Jesus. Jesus is the one who cast down our fear. He is shepherd. He is father. He is lord. He’s within us.

2. Read the Bible to know how deep His love for you.

The bible is one of the most sourceful book that you can get to know and feel about God’s love for you. You could check the reason why in here! Don’t wait, do it if you have the time.

3. Previous Resolution that you do not complete yet.

It’s good to not to look into the past, however, you must take responsbility of what you’ve commited. If you commit to have a better salary in 2015, then commit to it in 2016! If you want to become better at your hobbies (musician, writer, basketball, soccer, cooking, painting, etc) then commit to it in this year as well! Don’t make new resolution yet, finish what you’ve started in 2015.

4. Do it!

Don’t wait, if you have the time to do it, then do it. Don’t think about the results, because if you don’t try then you’ll never know. Two words that will change your life.

“Do it!”

5. End with Jesus.

Don’t forget to end it with Jesus. Because His grace is enough and sufficient for us. We can’t do it with our own strength, but with Jesus, we can move the mountains.

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Exodus 14:14

I would like to say thanks for 2015, I really appreciate the silent readers who read my blog silently, I hoped that it inspires you. God bless us and Happy new year!






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