5 Reasons On How You Should Read And See The Bible

I believe the bible is very useful, especially for the people who have experienced the grace of God. In my previous post, I mentioned about how God wants us to know the reality of His truth, and the bible is containing every information we could get, to feel about His deep love for us.

Before we even try or want to read the bible, the most important thing to have is how you approach the bible. The Bible Project is one of the information that I think is very helpful for us on how we see the bible, check it out if you want to see how it’s done in here!

Back to where we started. Reading the bible is a fruit that comes after we truly realizes how God spent so much effort for getting our attention to Him. We will see the beautiness and the awesomeness about God’s grace when we start to pick our bible, clean its dust and read it. Although is just a book, however the context inside it contains living Word, which is Jesus. It’s not the word that’s scripted and texted on the book, but the reality inside it.

5 reasons on how you should read the bible:

1. The Bible is a love letter, not educational book.

When we realizes the bible is plainly a love letter that is granted to us. We will start to read it because we love to, not because we have to.

2. Study the word of God, gain knowledge from it. 

When we love someone, of course we want to know every information of what he/she likes. It’s the same as loving God. If we claim about how we always mentioned Jesus in our routine, social media, and everywhere we are. Then studying the word of God is simply a behavior that is coming from the inside. It’s more important than to read a christian books. I love christian, non fiction books! But that’s coming from someone else’s experiences, not mine. There’s always a flaws in some people perspective, but if you found the exact truth that’s coming from your own sense and understanding when you’re reading the bible, I believe it’s much worth because you experience it personally.

3. Remember that the bible is still a book, not God.

Sometimes we use the word of God for our talisman and lucky item. I believe there’s a good thing that’s coming from that, but I always reminded myself( I believe you should as well!) that the bible is not just created for something that could help our life. the text is not God! it’s written, scripted, printed in paper. I believe the bible is the word of God, but Jesus Himself is the living word of God. That’s why it’s important to realize the differences on how we see the bible everytime.

4. Sometimes we are the only bible that people will only ever see in their life.

The way we treat people and ourselves is probably one of the most important part that we play in our life. Because Jesus is a living person, and people sees His life. We are Jesus’s representative in this world, and I believe that we should treat our life very carefully (Read Romans 6:1-2, 1 Corinthians 10:23), because people will see our life as well. They either looking to Jesus or looking down on Jesus because of our life. Showing love is what Jesus does, and we should as well.

5. Don’t be ignorant, just read it! 

Well, this is probably a reminder for us. Don’t be ignorant and read it! You can’t just hear sunday sermon to grasp the love of God, you need to have love and knowledge of the bible. How on earth we can share the love of God to our spouse, family, friends, etc when we don’t want to approach and read the bible.

I wish every of you all a merry christmas, and happy new year.

One of the resolution that we’re all should make:

“Read the bible”





8 thoughts on “5 Reasons On How You Should Read And See The Bible

    1. Nathanael Ricardo says:

      Hi krissf4! Thanks for commenting on the post, really appreciate your thought. Yes some people choose to ignore their bible, however we as their fellow christian friend should lead them by example, because I believe it will influence them as well, although not all people. But well, spread the love of Christ in them!

  1. krissf4 says:

    Indeed…and yes you are right. We should always do our best to set an example so we can influence other people. Some people are content with just going to church… I was also like that. But once I started reading the bible… I was bloooownnn away with it. The beauty… the “Rawness”. I will follow your advise to “spread the love of christ in them”. Thanks !!

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