Don’t Try to Believe

Recently, I met some kids in the new school that Im gonna work with in 2016. I have been doing some observation in the school, and yes… Im a complete stranger in there. I was pretty nervous when the teacher introduced me to all of the kids, and I was like #crap, because the kids are 2 until 5 years old.

After that, I stucked with some of the kids and one of the teachers to observe and help the teacher to taught the kids. At first, I was very nervous, because I don’t interact much with little kids, especially those who are in 5 years below. I thought it was going to be hellish, but I was wrong.

It was exciting, and to be honest, I enjoyed it a lot.

They didn’t see me as an outsider, They aren’t afraid when I was talking to them, or even holding their hand when they wanted to go to the bathroom. And by looking from that, Im learning something that most of us (adults) don’t realize.

Kids just believe, while adults not.

The more we grew into adults, the more our brain system and our survival habits is auto-piloting our mind. We live in a world that simply do that kind of thing, especially in the eastern culture, where most of the people are conservative. We developed a habit that makes us to be more protective to ourselves, and slowly, we shut down our vurnerable system that we developed as kids.

Im not saying that we can trust anybody. I just want to give every reader a new insight on what’s happening today. As I said in the last paragraph, the more we shut down our vurnerability, the more we lend into ourselves. The more we put trust into ourselves, we automatically shuts down our trust with God.

We have been taught to live independently, and we probably taught our kids to live independently. That’s probably the problem that most christians do until today. The cycle of living independently still flowing in our blood vessels and DNA.

Let’s look to the story of Jesus. He had different problems and temptations. But what’s unique about Jesus’s life is that He fully depend on His Father. From the tragedy in the dessert, and how He had to fill the tummy of 5000 men (If we count the women and children as well, that would be 15000 people!).

Perhaps Jesus was too perfect for an example. How about we look into the life of other people who were mentioned in the bible.

Paul suffered greatly, yet He preached the message of Grace. He was being judged and tortured. But Paul stand still until the end of His calling. Joseph was a successful men (He was in prison). David was a man of God.

All of their stories conclude to one thing.


We could see many stories in the bible, that teaches us how to not live independently, and the stories itself probably speaks louder. Open it, read it, and let it inflitrate your life.

End your independent living, and start to live with intimate dependent on God.

Don’t try to believe.

Just believe.






2 thoughts on “Don’t Try to Believe

  1. thechickengrandma says:

    I wish there was a love button for this! You nailed it when you tell us to be like kids and just believe. Takes a lot of trust…..but God is the one who will never fail you and He has never changed. And that is the strongest foundation to anchor yourself to.

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