Why The Bible Is Written For You, Not to You

When I was in senior high school, I saw my friends surrounding my chinese teacher and said:

“Laoshi, how well is my fortune ?”

“Laoshi, check me out as well !”

My chinese teacher can read someone’s fortune by reading their handpalm. well if it’s true I want to try it out as well (hahaha).  *JK

And then there’s a similar incident, when I was going into the nearest mall in my town, at the hallway  there was this giant ancient face that could predict someone’s future by reading their handpalm.


But this time, it’s a machine, not a human. And then I  thought that It’s kinda funny how people could trust someone or something that they don’t know in the first place.

Sometimes we often see the bible as our talisman or fortune cookies. We use it as our guidelines of success, urgent medicine for our mind, and many other things that related to our life. I don’t state that is wrong. In some ways that is actually a good thing for us to do. However the bible is much more than that.

The bible is a grand design created by God, it’s his grand story, filled with stories of joy and sadness, and God wants us to know the reality of it. The Bible is a love letter for us, and when we read the letter, we could choose to respond the love or ignore it.

The bible is written for us, but not all of the context is written to us. Because some people may use it to abuse other people, or use it as a weapon to strike others. Although the bible is like a double edged sword when someone hears the word,


That is not the main part. The bible exist so that we could knew about the Creator, Which is Jesus Christ Himself. He is the expression of our Lord Father, that cames through the Word (Jesus), and translated into a letter (bible).

Open your bible, read it, and see how gracious His love for you.



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