Glimpse Of Genesis


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1


John mentioned a glimpse of Genesis, where it all started.

In the beginning..

The very essence of our nature starts from the creation day. Jesus is the beginning, and He is the living Word of God. John seems to understand the message that God trying to send to humanity, and he began with a simple word.

God intelegently designed us, and he made it very good. It’s appealing and stunning. Mozartz beautiful symphony, Piccaso’s art, all were created by God.

The brain that could dictate our mind, the potential that buried in our body, it’s already designed craftly.

What if the spirit of mozartz flows through your veins ? You will start playing piano.

What if we realize the spirit of God has already been given to us ? We will start act like it.

We simply experiences the benefit of grace through believing. It doesn’t start with our faith, but started when He offers the chances. What we have done, what we have finished in our life, what we have accomplished, it’s because our situation supports us, and that is God. It’s not through your hard work and thinking.

Take a mirror and see yourselves in it, if you look into your own reflection and hate it, then something’s wrong with you. If the mirror doesn’t give you the confidence to face yourselves, tore Genesis 1 from your bible and then put it into the mirror, and see the fact of who you are. Sometimes mirror are our worst fear, we refuse to face ourselves, and take a silence within it. We see the same faces in the mirror, but we don’t see the beautiful scene of who we are. Flashbacks of our lives suddenly pop out of nowhere, the treachery of our behavior, sins, and anything gross in our lives started to roar into our mind, dictating us to believe that it’s us.

But it’s not, read the whole story of our creation, how he mentioned us in his love letter, the bible. Don’t just tore a single verse from a bible and make it to our fortune cookies to make our lives better, read the whole story so that we could see how beautiful the bible is and what Jesus wants us to know.

That is beautiful, and the fears will suddenly roars again through your mind.

But in Prince Caspian, one of C.S Lewis fictions, Aslan says You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.”

Don’t run from the gospel, but let it cures and dictates our mind, not based on your past, but what’s written and mentioned in the bible, Jesus revealed it to us, and it shall sets you free.


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