What I Loved In Preachers and Authors

For those who love to listen to preachers and read books, you probably have a favorite preachers and authors.

I have my own personal reasons. It is all based on my observation and opinion. To be honest there’s a list that I created of why I like these preachers:

  1. Easy to Understand:

This is probably the very first reason why people took a favoritism in a preacher. Preacher could communicate to people, and it is not depending on how loud the preacher is speaking or how clear the preacher is speaking. In my opinion, preaching came from the honesty and clearance of mind and soul. You could tell some people have expresses their honesty from preaching. No matter how strange for us to listen, it is just natural for him and somehow we understand how the preacher wants us to understand.

  1. Vurnerability

Preacher are not perfect. Humans are always have weaknesses that they still try to overcome. Even blessed marriage takes time, same as being preacher. What I adore the most in a preacher is when he/she is vurnerable in front of the people who watching them when they’re preaching. Because they know that there’s a chance somebody will try to use the advantage of their weaknesses and turn in against them. However they’re not afraid to open up and being vurnerable in front of everybody, it’s like a message that showing us “ You’re not alone, we are fighting together.” It’s a encouragement to outsiders or newcomers, even ministers of the church who are still fighting for their struggles, same as preachers.

  1. Humor

People have a humor sense, and it’s a effective way to keep their attendance to not asleep (Haha) Because humor will attract people into listening to the word that they’re trying to tell, include sarcasm.

  1. Detailed

Don’t generalize, make it detail in the very worst time possible. I love when preachers take their time to explain and repeat what they were saying in context.

  1. Testimony

Similar to number 2, but when preacher shows a testimony of themselves and others, then we could conclude that it’s not a theory, but a proven word.



Until now, there’s a preachers or authors that I still looked up into and following until now. Some of my thoughts probably came from them, which you could look below:


Reasons why I favorited Steve McVey :

This person is probably is the one that I heard the most with his preaching, and read his books also. I followed this guy from 2012 until now. There’s a genuine passion that Steve had when He preached the message of grace. Full of passion, experiences, and stories that he told to his viewers, and of course include some of the passage in the scriptures as well. Coming from the Christian background, and theology background, I could say Steve way of communicating is very detailed, but simple to understand! It’s probably because he doesn’t rush into something. I have seen a lot of his sermon, and when he discuss about something, he didn’t try to finish it quick, but rather trying to make his viewer understand what he means about it. Read his book Grace Walk if you want to start knowing this person.


Reasons why I favorited Timothy Keller:

The word of C.S Lewis 21st  Century is probably the best way to describe this guy. Popular in the western Christian culture and churches, Tim has made an impact of telling the world how important knowing about who we are and what should we do as a Christian. His very first book “The Reason for God” is demolishing and thought-provoking, especially on atheist and free – thinkers. Educational and practical as well, Tim is probably a good mentor to young people in this 21st  Generation. With his educational style of preaching, I recommend those who love to dig deep about little topics, Tim is the best guy you could get.


Reasons why I favorited Jefferson Bethke:

Young, passionate, and expressive is what Jefferson Bethke nailed in his simple video and preaching. His second book “It’s Not What You Think” Just came out a few weeks ago. Still young, and already have a blessed marriage with his wife. Jeff is motivating younger people to know how to define love and get into the right relationship at the right time. He and his wife also projected a podcast and sharing about their love journey with Jesus and each other. Jeff talk so fast (probably because he’s so expressive) His poem Jesus>Religion is the stepping stone journey of His Christian walk, later became a book. Jeff has been a very good role model for the youngster out there, encouraging people to lean to God in a journey of life.


Before this article is finished, I would like to share that there’s no wrong in favoritism in people, in fact, you should know much, so that you could compare and open-mindedly dig and observe all things. Sometimes we must observe from our favorite author or preacher. Don’t listen to them because you respect them, but remember to observe so that you could find your own voice in preaching or maybe becoming an author. Find your own voice !


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