Twenty Years

It’s been a while and 3 months ago I became 20 years old, im still young enough.

(I feel that statement is making me look older #sighs #whatever)

There are a lot of things happened, and it was memorable, whether it is good or bad things, and until now, im still writing. If I  remembered the first day I took writing as my hobby, it was probably about 2 or 3 years ago, and times just fly so fast.

As a person who loves to write, there’s probably some obstacles that probably most writers need to get through. I don’t consider myself as a person who loves writing than anything else, or make writing as a part of my lifestyle.

Sometimes I write on something that I have just read earlier, mostly from books. Sometimes I just write because I need to. But sometimes I also write in order to memorize, and remind myself. I don’t see myself becoming a journalist, writer, or maybe an author in the next couple of years. But the one thing that Im sure of is that Im gonna become a better person than today.

Some people said that great people came from a great repentance. I consider that as a half truth, because great repentance is not coming from our own choices. Great repentance is coming from the goodness of our Lord Father. We don’t have the guts to make the first decision, it is Jesus who showed up first and declared that it is finished. It is a message for us, so that we might rejoice and put our hope in Him once again.

Entering 20 years old is probably the latest challenge that I must face, because of the fact that im getting older, not younger. I often think about what career I must devote in my life, sometimes I think about becoming a full-time minister, or creating a ministry of my own. Become a lawyer or entrepreuner. Marriage or not. There are so many choices that one day I have to decide. The good news is that God’s will in my life is Jesus Christ.

One thing that I learned about Christian life is that I don’t walk by myself, but with the author of life and galaxy. He invited me to experience the fullness of His grace, and He guaranteed that my soul will have rest and He shall always be with me when there’s a suffering ahead.


If you receive the divine invitation, what will you do ?


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