Grace Is Always Nearby

This story is made for those who are in the peak of trying to find something that could give them a more meaning to their life. This story is for those who are broken, hurt, shame, and hopeless. This story is for the one who’ve been asking question about how bad things could come into their life.

This is about the wanderer who’ve been lost and wandering around like a fool. He already prepared a script for his father when he decided to go back into his home, so that his father will accept him and let him have a place to sleep and a food for his tummy. This person didn’t have any motivation about how guilty he was, even to ask forgiveness from his father.

Grace can’t be communicated to the person who want to commit harder, trying harder. Grace is for those who feel that they want to give up. Grace isn’t something that you do and then you’ll succeed. The reason why you need grace is because you know that it’s impossible to do it all by yourselves.

His goodness and mercy is the one that leads you to repentance. If some of you are confused about taking the first step into a better life, you don’t need to harsh on yourself, start looking into Jesus.  Dwell in His love and mercy. Jesus is the only hope that matters.

Grace is more powerful than a salt who already lost its saltiness.

Grace is more powerful than your mistake.

Grace is more powerful than your circumstances.

His sovereignity is over our poverty, sickness, brokenness, and weaknesses.


He is our faith, so that we don’t longer need law to make ourselves better.

Galatians 3:25

But after faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor.


Grace is always close to you.


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