The Problem At The Garden

The problem at the garden of Eden is affecting so much on how we see our world. We live and revolves in a age of skeptism, where men and women are divided and have their own reasoning for blaming each other. Women blame men because of their lack of leadership, lack of initiative, lack of sense, and lack of manliness. Men blame women for their stupid decision on choosing a men to be her boyfriend or husband, their lack of respect of men, not being a great helper, and not being respectful.

If we look back to the story before the fall of human, we’ll see that men and women are described as one being, one soul, and one spirit. They’re designed to encourage each other, help each other, vurnerable to each other, they aren’t divided at all. It all started when human eat that fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

We see now that either men and women are become a distinction or a stumbling block in churches today. Some churches believe that women held the key or responsibility in relationship that occurs, we heard that women is told to dress modestly, without realizing that is the part of idolatry as well. If some men fell into sexual sin, it’s all because of women wearing some clothes that reveal a part of their bodies. we see women is being put into some kind of object that causes men to fall. Ladies, you are worth better than that, You are a person, not an object.

Looking from a men perspective, A men shouldn’t give some flirty text to a lady that he don’t intend to dating with. Stop being a child and become a men. Stop trying to look better in front of everyone. Stop trying to compete. A real men put his integrity on Jesus, not women, not sex, not himself.

Men and women should cooperate and work as a team, to conquer the darkness around us, let us be the light for them who are broken, ashamed, and unworthy of themselves.

There’s no greater hurt than to be rejected by ourselves. If people today already stressed about being rejected other than themselves, we should ask to ourselves if we play a part into it. Stop the skeptism and start living by generousity, trust, and love. Jesus did it when He came into this world. Jesus isn’t afraid of being rejected. He carries all of our burden. Let Him be a reminder of who you are right now. Let him restore us to the way of who we are before the fall in the garden.



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