Book Review: The Naked Gospel

Christianity probably has one of the most dogmatic views about God. In whatever context, it seems like our thought has been designed from the early churches and tradition in our world. The Naked Gospel is one of the book that shapes my mind and view about God, it really pierces me like a two edged swords. The writer attacking the jargon or the viewpoint that christian tradition and our church hold into.

When i read this book(The Naked Gospel), there’s a emotional roller coaster that the writer intend for us to feel that way. Some of us probably gonna reject it. Some people maybe will burn this book, or some maybe gonna open their heart and mind to learn about what’s the writer want to express and tell about the gospel that’ve been inspired by God through him.

This book is definitely thought-provoking. Not for some reason, but it is ! because you will see a different point view in everything that what’ve been told into about God, the church, christian view on life.

As John 8:32 says that you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.


If you want to be free about the strictness that religion has put upon us that actually we don’t have to apply, this book is for you


If you don’t feel that God is close to you, or sometimes you ask “Why i don’t feel God at all ?”  This book is for you.


This maybe the truth you never hear in church, or in your life.





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