A Feast In The Moment Of Silence

New years eve have passed, a lot of new things will coming in 2015, a lot of new adventures, emotions and experiences. We’ll get all this things mixed up in our life. But there’s a possibility that sometimes we just stop doing anything. That moment when we freeze, confused, anxious, and our lives suddenly become a library, a museum which contains a lot of silence. We don’t feel anything at all, it was empty, we try all sorts of things, but it won’t get us anything.

Then I think about it, trying to gasp the meaning of it. Is it wrong to have this moment ? Is it unnatural ? Is it funny ? Do I need some answer to this problem ? Every people need answers in their life. But what if we need is not the answer, What if we need is just to be quiet, relax and enjoy the moment. I remembered all my way down to the book of psalms, There’s a context that says “You prepare a feast”, and the funny thing is that the feast is prepared in the presence of our enemies.

What is your enemy today ? Is it the moment of silence, full of emptiness ? Is it fear ? Do you know that the moment you are walking into the darkness, God has prepared a feast for you, a luxurious one, filled with the best utensils and dishes.

What should we do then?

Of course we’ll eat and rejoice in it. We should remind ourselves about the feast that the Lord prepares for us everytime something is not going right. If some of you realize about how weak you are in some aspect, enjoy the food and the drink, because He prepares it for us. Stop trying to become better and start focusing on Jesus. That’s why it called Grace. Because He’s the one who have mercy and kindness that will lead us into repentance.

Will you sit with Him and enjoy the meal ?


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