Idolatry Of Bad And Good Things

I was countering topics about idolatry from the last 2 weeks and i found out that idolatry has its own unique sense. We might think that idolatry only comes from bad things. Sometimes we don’t realize it’s coming from the good things as well.

We pointed out about idolatry in our novel, television show, video games, porn, hobbies and many more. We assume that idolatry is something that always affects our life and it usually comes from bad things,information and many more.

Let me be honest for you and for myself as well. Try to ask this question into yourself.

Do we idolize our ownselves in our good things ?

Do we idolize our perfomance in front of others ?

Do we actually still cares about what other people will say about us ?

“Do good things and you’ll get good things. Do bad things and you’ll get bad things as well”

We stuck up into empty philosophy that slowly drain our identity. We often think about what should we dress, what should we do, everything based on “what should we”.

Let me clarify that those things are not bad at ALL. Im not saying anyone should live like the way they wanted to, such as doing striptease in front of the busy street.

We must realize that our identity is not based on those things above, it’s based on how much God delights and His opinion about you, which is that you are beloved ! He likes you the way you are right now !

We cares about our ownselves rather than to aware about how our Father gaze upon us, see us the way we are. We make our own importance of what should we dress, what should we wear so that people will stare and make their opinion about us. We exchange God’s opinion about us into something lesser beings which is our buddies a.k.a the sinners. Your friends, your best friends are not perfect, you must realize that. But God is always remains the same upon you from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Before we start our daily activites we should remind ourselves and ask this question

“Do i realize that my identity isn’t based on what am i doing,but based on what Jesus did upon me ?”

That is so much better isn’t it ? It will change the way we see ourselves. God loves us, it does not based on what our job, our background.

Whether you’re a trash collector, a salesman, or a pastor, God always loves you.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV)

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.


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