Last Chapter In 2014

I can’t imagine how fast the time flows.It’s already December in 2014 and there’s so much things that i haven’t accomplished in this year.I was thinking and re-evaluate many things that i’ve done in the past days and months.

Every planning and commitment that i’ve made seems going nowhere on it.Sometimes it depress me so much that i couldn’t think clearly and doing things whatever i feels right at that moment.

Outside influences and external things are probably one of the hardest things that i struggled with,whether it’s in the church or other places.There’s some personal issue that has been going on lately in my personal life that affects me and other people as well.

At one time i look back into my bookcase and trying to remember the book that i’ve already read.I remembered how God’s love is unconditional for me,the goodness,the mercy that’ve been cast upon me.

I started to realize that by rededicating or recommitment yourself is just one of many ways of burdening your self with the sense of trying harder and motivated by fear.I don’t say that’s wrong,but for me personally it could bring distraction and made us not realizing the finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross.

By entering the last date in 2014,i want to focus on realizing how much God loves me.It’s already finished,once for all,thank you Jesus for your love.


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